Monday, April 29, 2013

An Email to Mom.

We have heard from Joe once again. :) He is working so hard and still trying to figure out how to manage his time writing emails and letters. Here are his updates that I brought together from the different emails he sent out. Mainly this is the email to my mom with added details that he sent in another email :)

"Hola Mama! I miss you and the family so much! everything is going good here. ive had some hard days though because ive been home sick and a couple days ago me and my companion had our first really bad lesson with an investigator and i got really upset with myself because i wasnt remembering how to explain the lesson in spanish like i normally and i kept messing up. i started to feel really useless and i was being really hard on myself because all the other companionships in my class had a really good lesson that day.. but the next day me and my companion killed it in our lesson with the same investigator and he said he would be baptized on the 18th of may and we made him cry because the spirit was so strong! that made me feel a lot better.
[Very great feeling to have a lesson go like that. That just shows you that its really the spirit that teaches lessons and not the missionaries. its very true. theres a quote that they say "teach people, not lessons" it means teach by the spirit and get to know them and teach them what the spirit tells you they need to hear even if it has nothing to do with your lesson that you planned because thats what they need to hear to come closer to God because ive learned that that is our main purpose as missionaries, just to bring people closer to God. whether that is by baptism or just by getting someone to pray. that is our purpose. everyone is unique and has there own things they need to hear to be converted to the gospel and to come closer to God. we spend alot of time getting to know our investigators so we can pray to know how we can apple our teachings to there needs in there life]
The mtc can be fun but i find myself getting homesick alot, thinking about what you guys are doing and sometimes i feel like im missing out but i just have to remember that its not me who is missing out its YOU guys ;) haha the mtc food is disgusting.. the cereal is seriously the best part.. haha and i feel like we are just like always eating even when we arent hungry.. because we are just sitting throughout the whiole day in class studying.. The MTC is really great though. The spirit really is always a constant companion here and it helps alot when im missing home and thinking selfishly.
Yo te amo Mucho Mama!
Love, Your son"

Although this email was written to my mom, he doesn't mind it being shared for others to read and get updates. Like I said, he is still trying to figure out how to write to everyone and manage his time well. More details to come soon!! Thanks so much for visiting this blog and reading Joe's updates! He truly appreciates your support :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

His First Email Home

We finally heard from Joe through email this morning. He seriously seems so happy and I couldn't be more thrilled for how much he has learned already! He is so awesome and I look up to him so much! I cant wait to hear again from him. I am taking from two different emails that were sent so some things might be briefly repeated...

"Yesterday, me and my companion (Elder Olsen) had to teach our first whole lesson to an investigator in espanol and it was only our second day! It was way hard! and went terribly haha But all the Elders who have been here longer said that everybodys first lesson sucks and that our teachers know that we are gunna suck and they just do it to humble us.. I was for sure Humbled haha Today we are teaching another lesson to the same investigator. We are praying this one will go better haha They speak spanish constantly. Barely any english is spoken in our classroom because it is supposed to help us learn through hearing it spoken all the time. I think it really works...
The bed isnt too bad.. I mean its kinda hard but i sleep really well here. i actually really like going to bed at 10:30 and waking up at 6:30. I feel like i got a whole lot more accomplished at the end of the day. My MTC companions name is Elder Olsen and he is actually way cool!...we are very much alike actually. Hes gunna be a good friend I can already tell. The food here is not that great.. but there are some healthier options here and there and i am able to workout every day."
"I am not able to upload photos here at the mtc so you will have to wait 6 weeks! haha lo siento. I dont have much time and i have a ton of emails! so ill just say i love the mtc and its going great! Im almost a [mexican] already! haha my companion is way cool and the food sucks! I miss you guys so much and i pray about you and for you everyday. Pray for me please. It is great here but it is still hard for me. Yo te amo mucho hermana. tell clayton i said i love him. and if i dont have enough time to email everyone tell  them what i just said to you :) verdad?
Love Elder Brinkerhoff"

Bummer we wont be getting pictures any time soon but hearing from Joe seriously is the best! He loves every one and the support he is receiving! Please send him letters! Keep praying for him! He truly is such an amazing missionary already :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Drop Off

Today, Joe was dropped off at the MTC (Missionary Training Center). Our sister Morgan and her husband Spencer took him. He had a 12:30 check in time. He made a lot of phone calls before heading in. He was nervous but I could tell in his voice that he was excited for the adventure that was to come! He seemed very happy :) Can't wait to start getting updates from him!!

Thanks Morgan for the great photos :)